“The Thunder Lillies are dynamically digging into Funk, Rock, Blues, Reggae, Hip Hop, Jam, Jazz, bluegrass and Folk”

“They [The Thunder Lillies] have an engaging stage presence with impressive dynamics, intertwining vocal harmonies, acapellas, song blending and long medleys.” 

“The Thunder Lillie’s stage presence is positively uplifting, each set is an artful journey and their powerful vibe is contagious.” 

Peter Alsen Vocals Guitars

Miker Wrigley Bass Vocals

Evan Smith Drums Vocals

Gigs in 2022

Dec 10 Moog’s Place Morrisville VT

Dec 17 Martell’s, Jeffersonville, VT

Dec 31 Treasure House NYE, Johnson, VT

Gigs in 2023

Jan 9 Benefit Gravis, Burlington, VT

Feb 16 Alfie’s Wild Ride, Stowe, VT

March 4 Red Fox, Jeffersonville, VT

March 11 The Quarry, Hallowell, ME

April 1 Hippy Party, Johnson, VT

April 28 The Quarry, Hallowell, ME

May 11 The Oasis, Morristown, VT

June 3 Baturday Night Live, Richford, VT

June 24 Martell’s Jeffersonville, VT

June 29 American Flatbread, Stowe, VT

July 17 Elmore Store, Elmore, VT

Aug 7 Jamaican Independence Day, Stowe, VT

Aug 17 Citizen Cider, Burlington, VT

Sept 23 Martell’s, Jeffersonville, VT

GIGS in 2024

Jan 20 Martell’s Jeffersonville, VT

Feb 7 Nectar’s Burlington, VT

April 12 Lost Nation, Morrisville, VT

June 17 Smith Wedding Eden, VT

June 20 American Flatbread Stowe, VT

July 22 Elmore Store Elmore, VT